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dc.contributor.authorTufaner, Mustafa Batuhan
dc.contributor.authorBoztoprak, Hasan
dc.contributor.authorSözen, İlyas
dc.contributor.editorSarı, Selahattin
dc.contributor.editorPrimbaev, Jusup
dc.contributor.editorGencer, Alp H.
dc.contributor.editorTurdalieva, Ainura
dc.identifier.citationMustafa Batuhan TUFANER, Hasan BOZTOPRAK, İlyas SÖZEN, "Ekonomik Entegrasyon Teorisi Çerçevesinde Türkiye İçin Avrupa Birliği'ne Bir Alternatif: Avrasya Gümrük Birliği, “International Conference on Eurasian Economics 2017”, Bishkek - Kyrgyzstan, 5-7 October 2017.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe liberalization policies begun after 1980 and globalization process bring with new economic associations and trade blocs among countries. The European Customs Union which established to improve economic relations and to make the political integration possible after World War II, reached large trade capacity today. On the other hand, the Post-Soviet countries that followed similar way like European ones established Eurasian Customs Union under the leadership of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia. The advantage of European Customs Union for Turkey which became a member of it in 1995 is still discussed. From this viewpoint the study aims to answer a question that Eurasian Customs Union can be an alternative to European Customs Union for Turkey in point of trade capacity. The aim of the study is to discuss the possibility of the Eurasian Customs Union and to compare it with the European Customs Union in which Turkey is involved. In this context, at first, the conceptual framework about the subject will be discussed and European Customs Union and Turkey relations will be examined. After, the current situation of the Eurasian region will be analyzed and the possibility of the Eurasian Customs Union will be discussed. And, which customs union will be more advantageous in terms of Turkey will be examined by VAR analysis.en_US
dc.publisherEurasian Economists Association & Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas Universityen_US
dc.titleEkonomik entegrasyon teorisi çerçevesinde Türkiye için Avrupa Birliği'ne bir alternatif: Avrasya Gümrük Birliğien_US
dc.title.alternativeAn alternative to the European customs union for Turkey in the framework of economic integration theory: Eurasian Customs Unionen_US
dc.departmentDış Ticaret Bölümü, Dış Ticaret Programıen_US
dc.relation.publicationcategoryKonferans Öğesi - Uluslararası - Kurum Öğretim Elemanıen_US
dc.contributor.institutionauthorSözen, İlyas

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