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  • Semitotal domination of some known trees 

    Kartal, Zeliha; Aytaç, Aysun (International Mathematical Virtual Institute, 2021)
    Let G = (V, E) be a graph without isolated vertices with vertex set V of order n = |V | and edge set E of size m = |E|. A vertex of a graph G is said to dominate itself and all its neighbors. A semitotal dominating set in ...
  • Semitotal domination of Harary graphs 

    Kartal, Zeliha; Aytaç, Aysun (Tbilisi Centre for Mathematical Sciences, 2020)
    Let G be a simple finite undirected and an isolate-free graph. A set S of vertices in G is a semitotal dominating set of G if it is a dominating set of G and every vertex in S is within distance 2 of another vertex of S. ...
  • Determination the importance of vertices in graph 

    Kartal, Zeliha; Aytaç, Aysun (Technical University of Civil Engineering, 2020)
    Betweenness is a good measure of the centrality of a vertex in a graph modeling social or communication network. Betweenness centrality is a measure of centrality in a graph based on shortest paths. For every pair of ...
  • Total influence number in complementary prisms 

    Aytaç, Aysun; Kartal, Zeliha (International Mathematical Virtual Institute, 2019)
    The graph labeling problem that appears in graph theory has a fast development recently. Numerous variations of labeling have been investigated in the literature. The total influence number is a new approach to the concept ...